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Advertising & Coupons

Retail licensees may run advertisements in newspapers, circulars or coupon packages that regularly promote business to potential customers. Prices can be advertised.

Certain matters are specifically prohibited in advertising. No matter may be included that is in anyway false, misleading or deceptive. Nor may any matter be included in advertising if it is lewd or obscene, nor may any portrayal of, or reference to, minors or children be made. Additionally, advertisements shall not contain any reference by name or other identification to any other licensed retailers.

It is permissible for a retail licensee to establish his own coupon which offers a percentage discount, a fixed dollar amount discount, or a special price on alcoholic beverages upon presentation. Such coupons may be made available by distribution on the licensed premises or by printing in news media or through a general resident mailing service.

"Manufacturer's coupons" may NOT be redeemed by the retailer, but must be handled through the mail between the consumer and the manufacturer or a clearing house.

Retailers may also distribute gift certificates provided the certificates are redeemed in full at the time the consumer presents it to the retailer. No credit can be carried after the initial redemption of the certificate.