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Clerks Information


Clerk Newsletter -- Important information for City and County Clerks

License Fee Chart

2am - See statute 53-179 if your jurisdiction has passed a 2am ordinance you must file a copy of this ordinance or resolution with the Commission.

Publication Notice for New Applications - No specific wording is required - Sample Wording

Publication wording for Renewal notice - See 53-135.01 Renewal Publication Statute

As clerk, you are responsible to fulfill the renewal notice requirements as set forth in §53-135.01 of the Liquor Control Act.  Publication shall be made one time between January 10th-30th for Non-Class C licenses and July 10th-30th for Class C licenses in a legal newspaper in or of general circulation in your city, town or county.  You are not required to file a copy of the notice with the Liquor Commission.

Renewal forms for your jurisdiction will be mailed to you after February 1st or August 1st respectively.  Provide the indicated licensee with their renewal form and inform them to file their renewal with the Commission office promptly in order for you to receive the license prior to the expiration date.  Please encourage licensees to use the ON-LINE RENEWAL OPTION.

The NLCC is excited to announce an expanded on-line renewal option which will allow licensees to pay local fees along with state fees.  The service is offered to all jurisdictions that wish to participate.   Please read article.   Save the ONLINE LOCAL FEE SIGN UP/UPDATE FORM  to your computer, complete form and send as an attachement to  

LB 863 - eliminating the requirement that local governing bodies, first submit the question of licensing liquor by the drink to the registered voters in the municipality before a Class C license can be issued.


Direct any questions to the Liquor Control Commission -  Licensing Division (402) 471-2571 or email