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Applicant must be:  Retail Liquor License Holder or Non-Profit Organization

All Special Designated License Applications are submitted via on-line portal

 SDL Application "How-to-Apply" Presentation

Click the following link to view the due date of application:   SDL 10-Day Calendar 2021

If questions, please contact:  Michelle Porter (402) 471-2821 or

                                                 Jordan Slagle (402) 471-4893 or



If you have not registered your retail liquor license or non-profit organization for the on-line portal, below are links to register either your retail liquor license or non-profit organization. You will only need to register once for the on-line portal. 

For the appropriate instructions, please click on the link below that pertains to how you will be applying.  Non-Profits that hold a permanent liquor license will follow the instructions as a Retail Liquor License holder.

Do not use the @ sign in the user name as the system will not allow you to register properly.  If you registered previously with this symbol, you will need to re-register as the system will no longer accept this character.  No special characters are needed for the user name or password.   



         Non-Profit Step 2 Form - Please include IRS documentation  Fax: 402/471-2814 or Email: 


*Both Steps 1 & 2 must be followed.  After Step 1 of the registration instructions, the portal will take you to a login screen.  Please do not attempt to login into the portal.  Please go back to the instructions above and follow Step 2.   You will receive an internal error if Step 2 is not followed in the above instructions. 

Please note:  Only the User name that you set up on Step 2 will allow you to login.




Approval from the local governing body is required before submittal of the application on the portal.   The form(s) that you will need for this requirement are found in the "Form Links" section below.​  (Please keep in mind that the local governing body may require additional information or paperwork).  Please do not use outdated copies of Form 200 or submit Clerk minutes/letters for this requirement.  This form MUST be signed and dated by the local governing body before submittal.  There are no exceptions.

  • Form 200 will be completed by the applicant -  Local governing body MUST sign and date the bottom section of this form.  All information provided on Form 200 must match the information entered on the portal application.  Please see note below in regards to alternate dates.
  • ​Form 201 will only​ be completed by a non-profit applicant
  • ​Form 109 will only be completed if event includes an outdoor area
  • ​Form 140 will only be completed by a non-profit requesting a fencing waiver




Form 200 - SDL Local Recommendation Form                      *Upload to portal application under "Supporting Documents " Upload City Approval"

Form 201 - Non-Profit Affidavit Form                                    *Upload to portal application under "Supporting Documents " Upload City Approval"  

Form 109 - Outdoor Diagram Form                                                                                         *Upload to portal application under "Outdoor Diagram" 

Form 140 - Double Fencing Waiver Form #140 (Non-Profits only)                                  *Upload to portal application under "Outdoor Diagram" 



 Below is a checklist when you are ready to enter your application:

  • ​​Local approval and all forms are saved on your computer as a JPEG or PDF file (no larger than 30 megabytes)
  • Check SDL calendar to make sure date(s) of event are acceptable.  SDL 10-Day Calendar 2021  (Go to the date of the event on the calendar and then the date underneath is the last date you would be able to submit the portal application).
  • User name and password are available
  • ​Either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome is the browser you are using (Firefox and Safari are known to create errors)
  • Use of a laptop or pc is recommended - Ipads have been know to cause issues with the date boxes
  • ​Credit card or bank account information available for payment ($40.00 per day of event plus small convenience fee)
  • ​Time available to complete (make sure to enter the application as a continual flow otherwise issues will occur with processing)
  • If you would receive any type of error after payment (404 or 202 error are common), please contact our office before re-entering the application 
  • If you have received the NLCC poster packet information from the Clerk's office or have obtained posters from previous events, please do not request posters on the portal application
  • If your non-profit organization has not sent in verification paperwork of your Federal ID from the IRS, please fax or email this paperwork
  • The last receipt of application timer will go off between 11:30 pm - 12:00 am.  If the application you are entering is due on that particular date, it will be rejected after the timer goes off.  It is not recommended that you wait until the last acceptable date or time to enter the application. 
  • Clearing your browser cache may be beneficial if errors have occured.  Please contact our office if you receive an error and if the authorized representative did not receive a confirmation email.
  • If you registered previously with the @ symbol in the user name, you will need to re-register as the system no longer accepts this character.  No special characters are needed in the user name or password.

Below is the link to enter your application:     Please note: Google Chrome or Internet Explorer will need to be used as your browser

Please note: if you would receive any type of error after payment (404 or 202 error are common), please contact our office before re-entering the application.  The authorized representative should always receive an email within two hours after the application is submitted.

Please make sure all information is entered accurately as this will be the information that will print on your license when approved.  Form 200 information must match the portal application.

If the event is after midnight, only one date line would need to be entered.   

After successful completion of your on-line application, an email will be sent to the authorized representative verifying that our office has received your application.   If the authorized representative does not receive a verification email, please contact our office.  It is the applicant's responsibility to make sure the application was successfully entered and received by our office.



There shall be a fee of $40.00 for each day identified in the Special Designated License Application, unless the applicant is the holder of a liquor catering license (K).

Retail liquor license holders and non-profit organizations are allowed six calendar dates per year (January - December).  Retail liquor license holders that hold a catering license, are allowed unlimited.  Although, there is a limit of twelve SDL licenses that can be obtained per location each calendar year.  This count includes all SDL licenses issued by all applicants to the location.  

Only six consecutive dates can be entered on one application as well as approved on Form 200.

Late SDL applications will be rejected.  There are NO exceptions or refunds.​

Required form(s) listed above must be completed before submittal to the Clerk's office.  All blanks and signatures must be completed.  The Clerk should be the only one completing information at the bottom of Form 200.

Alternate dates and locations must be approved on Form 200.  It is always best to have a back-up plan in case of bad weather or unforeseen circumstances.

After application submittal, no changes can be made to the application.  Date change or event location will not be changed on the license after it has been issued.  

There are no refunds for late, rejected or cancelled applications.  Application fees cannot be transferred to rescheduled events.



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