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The Liquor Control Commission requires all licensees to retain and preserve true books of accounts and records of all business receipts used in connection with the licensed business for a period of three years.  All retail licensees shall keep invoices and records involving purchase and sales of alcohol liquors for the previous twelve months and make them available for inspection upon demand to the Commission or its agents.  Also, Auditors and inspectors by Nebraska Statute shall be allowed entry onto the licensed premises at anytime demand for such entry is made.  (see Rules & Regulations)

No licensee or partner, principal, agent or employee of any licensee shall provide false or misleading information to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission, its executive director or employees.  Any violation of this provision may result in suspension, cancellation or revocation of such license. 

If you have any questions or would like to report compliance issues, please contact the Deputy Director at (402) 471-4892.

See Notices/Advisories below that may be applicable.

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