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Beer Forms

Beer Wholesaler

All Beer Wholesalers use the online reporting/ACH payment system!

For Revenue Division assistance please call 402-471-2571.

Form Number Form Name
7000 Beer Wholesaler Monthly Tax Return Instructions
7005 Perpetual Beer Inventory Instructions
7010 Taxable Beer Purchases Instructions
7015 Tax Exempt Beer Transactions Instructions
7020 Non-Taxable Beer Transactions Instructions
7022 Beer Territory Form  Instructions Beer Territory FAQ  Fillable Form

Beer Shipper

Form Number Form Name
7099 Beer Shipper Monthly Report Instructions Fillable Form

Craft Brewery

Form Number Form Name
7125 Craft Brewery Board Info and Election Form   Fillable Form
7128 Brew Pub Tax Credit   Fillable Form
7127, 7136, 7137 Craft Brewery Monthly Tax Returns and Instructions Instructions Fillable Form