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Industry Advisory - New Liquor License Design Started May 2024

Industry Advisory

Liquor licenses issued from the new software have a new look! They will look like the examples below. Please take note the new licenses include a scannable QR code that, when scanned, provides a link directly to the customer portal. All older versions of liquor licenses will be phased out by 5/1/25. Until that date, there will be some licenses with the older format and with the new format in the Nebraska beverage alcohol industry. Please keep this in mind.


The new liquor license certificates, once issued, will be available digitally to our licensees. Once the license is issued, licensees will be responsible for printing and displaying them in a frame in a conspicuous place on the licensed premises. (The Nebraska statutes concerning this topic are: 53-148; 53-149). Please contact our office if you have any questions 402-471-2571.


Hobert Rupe, Executive Director
Nebraska Liquor Control Commission