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License Application Forms and Posters

To apply for a license access the POSSE CUSTOMER PORTAL -

See the training videos here -

If you have any questions please click on the name to email or call: Hannah at 402-471-2735 or Corrinne at 402-471-2896 or you can contact our main line number at 402-471-2571 or email at

For questions regarding Special Designated Licenses (SDLs) contact Shelly at 402-471-2821 or Victoria at 402-471-4893.

Alcoholic Liquor Tax Bond Tax Bond.pdf 53-164.01
Affidavit of Non-Participation Affidavit of Non-Participation.pdf Rule Chapter 2 05.01(B)
LLC Members or Corporate Officer/Stockholders Corporation-LLC Structure.pdf 53-12553-131.01
License Fee Schedule License fee chart.pdf 53-124.01
Explanation of Convictions Explanation of Convictions.pdf  
Temporary Operating Permit Temporary Operating Permit.pdf 53-117; 53-149; Rule Chapter 2 04.01(A)(B), 04.02(A)
Waiver within 150' of church Church within 150' waiver.pdf 53-177; Rule Chapter 2 12.05
Waiver within 300' of campus Campus within 300' waiver.pdf 53-177.01Rule Chapter 2 12.02, 12.03, 12.04
Authorization to Conduct Inspection on Tribal or Indian Land Tribal Inspection.pdf  
Transfer of Alcohol - Retailer to Retailer Transfer of Alcohol - Retailer to Retailer.pdf 53-123.0453-175; Rule Chapter 2, 03.01-0302
Hardship Status Hardship Status Request.pdf Rule Chapter 7 - 20.2004
Fingerprint Submission Privacy Act Fingerprint Submission - Privacy Act Statement.pdf 53-131.01
Alcohol Inventory Alcohol Inventory.pdf  
ID Poster - English ID Poster - English.pdf  
Identificación Póster - Español ID Poster - Spanish.pdf  
Pregnancy Poster - English Pregnancy Poster - English.pdf  
Cartel de embarazo - Española Pregnancy Poster - Spanish.pdf  
STOP Poster - English STOP Poster - English.pdf  
STOP Poster - Español STOP Poster - Spanish.pdf  
Warning to Intoxicated Person - English Warning to Intoxicated Person - English.pdf  
Advertencia a persona en estado de ebriedad - Español Warning to Intoxicated Person - Spanish.pdf  
Warning to Minors - English  Warning to Minors Poster - English.pdf  
Advertencia a Menores - Español Warning to Minors Poster - Spanish.pdf