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Multiple drinks for one price

The Commission has received information that certain retail licensees are advertising multiple drinks at a set price through the use of advertising materials furnished by wholesalers. Please be advised that these types of promotions are in violation of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act, Rules and Regulations Chapter 6.
019.01U1 No licensee shall sell, or serve for on-premises consumption, an unlimited quantity of beer, wine, or spirits at a specific price.
019.01U2 No licensee shall sell or serve two or more drinks containing beer, wine, or spirits to a person for that person's consumption on the licensed premises for one price. A pitcher or bucket of beer shall not be considered a drink; however, no licensee shall sell two or more pitchers or buckets of beer for one price.
NOTE: Wholesale licensee are charged with reporting to the Commission any retail licensee refusing to cooperate with the above Regulations, accordingly.