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New Revenue Order Forms

Order forms for Active License Roster, Keg Books and Law Book have moved!  Payments need to be made thru our new online payment/order page -

Active License Roster – An active license roster can be purchased for your specific use; for example a research project or advertisement of a company’s product they would like to promote.  The most common format that is used for the information is an Excel spreadsheet but labels and hardcopy can be requested.  The information requested could be for all license holders in a specific county, a specific class of license in the state or a city, etc.

Keg Books – Keg books are ordered by off sale license holders that sell kegs for consumption.  There are 25 pages in a keg book with each page having a specific dedicated number which coincides with the keg sticker itself.   The retailer completes the Keg Registration Declaration page and adheres the keg sticker on the keg that has been sold.  The purchaser is required to sign this declaration.  The NLCC tracks which books/numbers have been purchased by a retailer so in the case of NSP inquiring we are able to match up where they came from.

Law Books – The last printing of NLCC lawbooks was in 2013. Currently there are no plans on a new printing in the near future.  All clerks and the public are being directed to see the most current statutes and rules and regulations on the NLCC website from the “Legal” tab select Statutes or Rules and Regulations

For questions please contact (402) 471-2571 or by email to