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Local Ordinances

Ths is a list of the 2 am ordinances that have been filed by local governments (City or County) to extend the closing times to 2 a.m. in their jurisdictions. Click on the link to read the ordinance as filed with our office. A copy of the bill can be found at AM2163.

Location (City or County) Location (City or County)  
Arnold Lyons  
Ashland Louisville  
Axtell Madison  
Bancroft Magnet  
Beatrice Manley  
Beaver City Marquette  
McCool Junction  
Beemer Milligan  
Bellevue Nehawka  
Newman Grove  
Bellwood North Bend  
Belvidere North Loup  
Bennington Oak  
Bloomfield Oakdale  
Belvidere Odell  
Brainard Omaha  
Bridgeport Oxford  
Bruning Palmyra  
Pawnee City  
Bruno Papillion  
Carleton Pender  
Cedar Rapids    
Clarks Peru  
Clatonia Pleasant Dale  
Cody Pickrell  
Cook Plainview  
Cornlea Platte Center  
Comstock Plymouth  
Craig Polk  
David City Potter  
Daykin Randolph  
Denton Ralston  
Deshler Roca  
DeWitt Rushville (Friday & Saturday Only)  
Diller Salem  
Dodge Sarpy County  
Dorchester Sargent  
Douglas County Schuyler  
DuBois Scotia  
Duncan Shelby  
Dwight Shubert  
Eagle Silver Creek  
Elba Snyder  
Endicott Spalding  
Ericson Spencer  
Exeter Sprague  
Fairmont Springfield  
Franklin Steinauer  
Garrison Stuart  
Greenwood St Edward  
Gretna Steele City  
Guide Rock Surprise  
Harbine (SideTrek Bar Only) Table Rock  
Hickman Thayer  
Hildreth Thedford  
Homer Tobias  
Hooper Uehling  
Humboldt Unadilla  
Jansen Union  
Johnson Valentine (Fri & Sat ONLY)  
La Vista Valley  
Lincoln Valparaiso  
Litchfield Waco  
Humboldt Waterbury  
Jansen Waverly  
Johnson Wayne  
La Vista West Point  
Lincoln Wolbach  
Litchfield Wymore  
Lindsay Yutan