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Spring 2021 - Non-Class C License Renewal season

Dear Nebraska Licensee,

The Spring 2021 non-class C renewal season is approaching quickly.  Even during COVID-19, all license holders are required to renew their liquor license(s), whether their business is open to the public or not.

We are not recommending walk-ins into the office at this time without an appointment. The NLCC is requesting that all renewals be submitted using the online renewal website.  For your convenience, please follow the steps below to renew your liquor license:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “RENEW YOUR LICENSE” tab.
  4. Type your full six digit license number – i.e., 004546, 123587, etc.
  • There is no longer a password required for renewal accounts.
  • If you receive a message during the renewal process that your corporation is no longer active with the Nebraska Secretary of State, you will need to call their office at (402) 471–2554 to reactivate your corporation.  The online renewal system will not let you finish the renewal process until this is corrected.  Once you have the updated paperwork from the NSOS office, email it to our office in a PDF format:
  • You are required to submit a new lease/lease extension by email (with your liquor license number listed in the subject line) if you receive a message during the renewal process that your current lease/lease extension will be expiring on or before the end of the next liquor license period, which is April 30, 2022.  Send all paperwork in PDF format to our main email address:
  • If you are not able to submit a valid lease/lease extension by the current license expiration date for your liquor license, you will not be allowed to renew.
  • If your liquor license is not renewed by April 30, 2021, you must cease selling alcohol on May 1, 2021.
  • Each license holder has the ability to renew until May 30, 2021; however, you will not be allowed to sell alcohol until your license is renewed.

If you have any questions, please call our office for assistance at (402) 471-2572.

Please be advised:

  • Any license holder that has NOT renewed before May 31, 2021, will be required to submit a new application and start the liquor license process over.
  • If you choose to close or sell your business, please contact Kim Frederick (contact information listed below) to discuss your situation with the following possibilities:
    • Are you selling your alcohol business to a new buyer?
    • Are you closing up entirely?  (You will need to return your liquor license and renewal form to the NLCC office.)
      • If you are closing up entirely, are you selling your alcohol inventory to another license holder?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kim by email at