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Would you like to be an Advisory Team Member?

TO:  Liquor Industry Partners

DATE: 6/18/20


Is looking for YOU…

Would you like to be selected as an Advisory Team Member to advise NLCC as they look to modernize their operations?

Please email your request to be included in this important ADVISORY TEAM to  Be sure to include your relationship within the industry.  We are ready to launch Phase 1 of procurement and will finalize team members by 7/15/20.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer for the State of Nebraska commended NLCC in their Needs Analysis recently issued…

“We are amazed at what the LCC has done over the past 30+ years to keep up with the changing statutes and regulations, and a steadily increasing volume.  LCC has hit their peak, and they are starting on the downhill slide – the paper process, multiple systems and a 30+ year old computer (mainframe) system will no longer support the needs of the agency and their customers.”

NLCC will have a CORE TEAM to identify streamlining strategies with regard to liquor licensing, excise tax & alcohol shipment reporting, customer relationship management, and more.  This will consist of NLCC management members. 


NLCC will have an ADVISORY TEAM to collaborate and inform regarding current industry issues to ensure a successful outcome for the public, the industry partners and the success & efficiency of the NLCC.  Team member selection will be finalized mid July.  NLCC is hoping all industry groups will be represented.


NLCC will have a STEERING TEAM to approve project strategy, scope, technology and procedures are in place.  They will also champion the project for their respective organizations.   NLCC envisions this team to encompass representation from other cooperating agencies such as:  Attorney General’s office, NSP, OCIO, Dept of Ag, State Fire Marshall, Local Government Reps


NLCC will have an EXECUTIVE TEAM that approves project strategy, scope, budget, and schedule.  They will direct, lead and influence the project’s overall strategy as well as hold the CORE TEAM’s performance accountable.  NLCC envisions team members to be NLCC Commissioners and/or high level management.


Thank you for your consideration and attention.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

LeAnna Prange

Wholesale Compliance Administrator

Nebraska Liquor Control Commission

301 Centennial Mall South, 1st Floor (Recently MOVED)

Lincoln NE 68508

(402) 471-4892 (Direct to Desk)

(402) 429-8179 (Cell)