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Special Designated License Applications will need to be submitted via the on-line portal.   

Form #108 will no longer be accepted.  All forms will need to be uploaded on the portal.

Late Applications will not be accepted.  Please see SDL calendar below.

Instructions are listed below for Retail Liquor License Holders & Non-Profit Organizations.

(The only parties that can apply for a Special Designated License are retail liquor license holders and non-profit organizations)

If you have further questions, please contact:

Michelle Porter - 402/471-2821

Mary Beth Olson - 402/471-4893



If you have not registered your retail liquor license or non-profit organization for the on-line portal, this will be your first step. 

Below are links to register your retail liquor license or non-profit organization. You will only need to register once for the on-line portal.  After you have registered, you will be permanently set up in our system.

Please DO NOT log onto the portal until you have completed the instructions found at the link below.  Your account is inactive until our office has activated your account with the information you provide on Step 2 of the instructions.  An email will be sent from our office after your account has been activated along with the next steps to the process.


To start the registration process, please click on the link below that pertains to how you will be applying:






If registration has been completed and notification has been received from that your license has been activated, you will then be ready to submit future applications. Please do not log onto the portal until you have an application to enter and local approval (as well as any other applicable form) is saved on your computer.



The approval from your local governing body will require Form #200.  (This form can be completed and given to the Clerk before or after registering).  The top section of this form will be completed by the applicant and given to the Clerk for approval.  When the Clerk has approved the event, the signed copy along with any other forms required will be emailed back to the applicant.  The applicant will then need to have this signed local approval saved on their computer ready for upload when entering the application on the portal. 

Form #200 needs to be completely filled out.  Dates and times of event, measurements of indoor/outdoor areas, Clerk's signature and date and all blanks must be complete.  The application will be delayed or possibly rejected if not complete. 

Non-profits will need to submit Form #201 as a second page after the local approval.  At this time, there is not a location on the portal application for the Non-Profit Form to be uploaded. 

Outdoor diagrams (Form #109) or fence waiver requests (Form #140) will be uploaded to your application when entering the measurements on your application.




Local Recommendation Form #200:

SDL Local Recommendation


Non-Profit Affidavit Form #201:         


Outdoor Area Form #109:


Outdoor Area Double Fencing Waiver Form #140 (Non-Profits only):



When you are ready to enter your application, please be sure to have your local approval and all forms available for upload to the application.  Please check the SDL calendar to make sure that the application is not late.  Late applications will be rejected and payment (if applicable) will not be refunded.   SDL Calendar is listed below as well as on the portal application.

You will also need your user name and password.  Enter all fields and make sure all information is entered accurately as this will be the information that will print on your license when approved.  Local approval times and information must match the application.

Below is the link to enter your application:  As a reminder, please Do Not login until your account is activated by our office.

After successful completion of your on-line application, an email will be sent from DocuSign.  Please make sure to electronically sign the document at your earliest convenience.  The application cannot be reviewed until the signature has been completed.  If the authorized representative does not receive an email within 30 minutes after submittal of application, please contact our office.

The SDL application will be reviewed by the SDL Licensing Division.  After it is approved, the license will be mailed to the Clerk’s Office.  If there would be any questions on the application, we will contact you.  Please make sure that any questions by our office are answered promptly.  Missing information will delay the process of the license being issued and mailed.



10-day SDL Calendar - This calendar give you the deadline date for submitting an SDL application.  Please keep in mind that the local governing body may have different times lines for approval.  Please contact their office for information.

FAQ's about SDLs from Nebraska Farm Wineries

Do I need a liquor license?

Neb. Rev. Stat. §53-124.11

For Non-Profit applicants only: Rule Chapter 2-013 addition requirements